I’m primarily a Founder and Operator, having started my first business Velocity Black in 2014. It is a Series C-stage technology company backed by $40m+ in venture capital. Velocity Black helps high performance people unlock the vast potential of their lives, in the form of a concierge reimagined for the digital age. I have recently started another company, which is still in stealth.

I am also a part-time investor. Aside from seeding my own company I made my first angel investment in 2015 in Syft, an online market place for temp recruitment which was acquired by Indeed in 2019. Since 2015 I have made 20+ other investments at Pre-Seed and Seed stage in tech. I am now also an LP in several venture funds.

I started a newsletter with the goal of sharing some of the things I have learned since I started investing (both good and bad) and also to share insights on operating fast-growing technology companies.

I have a deep, burning passion (steady now) for business that started at a very young age, but aside from this you should know I don’t take life too seriously… and many of my tweets contain a healthy amount of British sarcasm. Based in London, but spend a lot of time in the US. My other passions include racing (cars), skiing and democratising wealth creation.

Strong opinions, loosely held.

Feel free to follow-me on Twitter or LinkedIn (@alexfmac).

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Alex Macdonald

Entrepreneur & Investor - Co-Founder Velocity Black, Angel investor and LP.